Pilfering [verb]

Definition of Pilfering:

steal, embezzle

Synonyms of Pilfering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pilfering:

Sentence/Example of Pilfering:

Could it be that the old gentleman suspected him of pilfering?

She had only had one great fault: she was inclined to pilfering.

In short, their pilfering and stealing is a perfect nuisance.

They have no pilfering, and the few locks and bolts are rarely needed.

Stealing and pilfering is carried on extensively all over the city.

So what pilfering they did, it behoved them to get done quickly.

There was this damning evidence of the pilfering of the cores.

The people said they were sorry, but declared it was the fault of the pilfering crows.

"It may also confirm him in his pilfering habits," I interposed.

As to pilfering Franklin remarked that almost every slave was by nature a thief.