Pilgrim [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pilgrim:

Never did a pilgrim approach Niagara with deeper enthusiasm than mine.

I suppose the Pilgrim and the Rake are contrasted with each other.

Why was Mr. Greatheart, in Pilgrim's Progress, my favorite character?

I only said that you are a pilgrim, a nobleman, and that I used to know you.

In 'The Pilgrim's Progress' we are among genuine human beings.

Christiana and her children are tolerated for the pilgrim's sake to whom they belong.

The Pilgrim himself was beyond the reach of such uneasy visions.

Thus the 'Pilgrim's Progress' is a book, which, when once read, can never be forgotten.

Like his own Pilgrim, he had the burden on his back of his conscious unworthiness.

He wonders if Nannie ever went to school, and if she has read the Pilgrim's Progress?