Pillages [verb]

Definition of Pillages:

plunder, destroy

Synonyms of Pillages:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pillages:

Sentence/Example of Pillages:

That did not prevent us giving that admirable city up to pillage.

The whole city seemed to be abandoned to pillage—to destruction.

Their disunion, the consequence of their avidity, saved it from ruin, but not from pillage.

According to his own account he had saved the post-office from pillage.

This was hostile country, and he gave it over to the Hellenes to pillage.

Perhaps they were satisfied to appease their madness with pillage and fire.

No, no; pillage had never been the motive of him who entered here.

Assassinations and pillage are too rife to make absence easy.

"Why, the fellows have not even risen to the dignity of pillage," said he.

In such a world, what guarantee against the pillage of the Third Temple?