Pillared [verb]

Definition of Pillared:

strengthen, augment

Synonyms of Pillared:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pillared:

Sentence/Example of Pillared:

The throne was exactly before us, at the end of the pillared vista.

The holes were the spots on the dominoes with which the pillared hall was paved.

It was of the omnipotent—the pillared portal of the Temple of the Bell.

A pillared entrance, gained by steps, led into a small hall.

Neither are they grave monks nor anchorites nor pillared saints.

I jumped to the shelter of the pillared hall, where Satish pursued me angrily.

Still there was no movement among all the arrased, girdered, pillared hosts.

Westwards, the pillared front of the Ontario house is to be seen.

In all directions stretches the pillared immensity of the forests.

And now and then you see a pillared and porticoed great manor-house, embowered in trees.