Pillars [noun]

Definition of Pillars:

column of building, or freestanding column

Synonyms of Pillars:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pillars:


Sentence/Example of Pillars:

In front, the sea appears as between the pillars of a portal.

Darkness shut us in among the pillars and the black, lion-faced statues.

What shook the pillars of the Union when the Missouri question was agitated?

Nearly all wore iron fetters on their legs, and some were shackled to the pillars.

It there hollows a large grotto, leaving here and there pillars of support.

This entrance-way is all roofed over, and the pillars and the ceiling are red and painted.

Dicksie stood with her back against one of the pillars and looked at her.

Young people are the life-blood of the nation, the pillars of the state.

As he moved from between the pillars, there was loud applause.

From room to room, between the pillars, moved the nursing women.