Pillowcases [noun]

Definition of Pillowcases:

covering for sleeping furniture

Synonyms of Pillowcases:

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Sentence/Example of Pillowcases:

"If I had known this, we might have brought along a pillowcase for the nuts," said Fred.

Out of a pillowcase folded hard he made a gag and tied it into the mouth of the man.

The bricks were concealed beneath her bed, and the loose rubbish put into the pillowcase.

The pillowcase flapped aloud, ever more sternly, warningly, portentously.

If the insertion is used for anything but a pillowcase, omit the lower border on which the button-holes are made.

Make the pillowcase a quarter of an inch wider and about an inch and a quarter longer than the pillow.

The common tradition is a sheet a week for each bed, and a pillowcase a week for each pillow regularly used.

When Sylvia reappeared that noon she carried a pillowcase, which she held before her by its corners with care.

A neighbor's goat had taken advantage of his absence to chew up a pillowcase and two aprons.

I sent him during the day a piece of dark blue cotton print for a pillowcase.