Pillows [noun]

Definition of Pillows:


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Sentence/Example of Pillows:

Her lips quivered, and a big tear rolled down on the pillow.

He turned on his pillow and glanced towards the dressing-table.

Philip shook his head, and, displeased with his companion, sought his pillow.

And that was because a hand was being slipped cautiously, inch by inch, under my pillow.

Colonel Woodville lowered his head upon the pillow and laughed softly.

Mr. Lewis turned himself on his pillow, and looked steadily at his son.

The old man then raised his head a little higher on the pillow.

His bed was no softer in the cave, as he lay down with a stone for his pillow.

Helen's hot cheek pressed the pillow and tossed from side to side.

Without either of us stirring from the pillow I tried to explain.