Pills [noun]

Definition of Pills:

capsule of medicine

Synonyms of Pills:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pills:


Sentence/Example of Pills:

He wished to have the time to make Dubois swallow this pill.

There was no answer, and she asked again, "Bob, did you 'pill your berries?"

You've always had speed and curves, but now you seem able to get the pill over.

Some of that power ought to emanate from him with every pill and drug which he prescribes.

We figured the percentage on the basis of the pill Frank swiped.

In this programme the former item was the gilt on the pill of the latter.

With a swift and brave fling he threw the pill far into the night.

No, brother, you can't get health out of a bottle or a pill box.

The pill eater is a hypochondriac and very likely his doctor knows it.

If I'd tell you what Pill said to me the other day, when we was in Robie's store, you'd fall in a fit.