Pilotage [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pilotage:

There's nothing but pilotage, and even that's pretty sketchy.

I am not over prudent to trust to his pilotage; but wiser men have been led by fools.

I was completely at fault, and had entirely lost all confidence in my own pilotage.

So long as we were in pilotage I stuck manfully to the wheel.

Pilotage and other dues incurred from any port: the reverse of inward charges.

The Reynard and her tender are following us, to get the benefit of Fluent's pilotage.

One could not trust the captain's pilotage; Wolf had been generous with his liquor.

This little incident clarified the air on the pilotage question.

But Colter was not truthful, which disqualified him for pilotage.

He went immediately to take them off, and gave the pilotage of his own vessel to Captain Northrop.