Pimpled [verb]

Definition of Pimpled:

mark, stain

Synonyms of Pimpled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pimpled:

Sentence/Example of Pimpled:

It was split by faults and fissures, pimpled with ash-cones.

Mrs. S. had a pimpled face, which I believe arose from potation of ale.

Mosk was a lean, tall man with a pimpled face and a military moustache.

In his pale, pimpled face were traces of incapability and bad humour.

I have seen him often, but take no notice of him: he is grown very ugly and pimpled.

The levee where his freight-car stood was pimpled with dark bulks of merchandise.

Their faces were flushed as if by hard drinking, and their pimpled noses resembled huge red barnacles.

The pimpled expanse of face lost some of its doubt, and the owner of the face fetched a deep breath.

Agias had often seen that pale, pimpled face, and those long effeminate curls in company with Lucius Ahenobarbus.

When an ill-natured reviewer could find nothing else to say, he had recourse to “pimpled essays” or “pimpled criticism.”