Pimps [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pimps:

Such a monstrous Pandarus would have been blackballed at the Pimp.

Sir, I have the honour to tell you that you are a pimp, lately escaped from the Fleet.

Envy must own, I live among the great, No pimp of pleasure, and no spy of state.

If I am not good enough for a lover perhaps I may do for a pimp.

A pander, a pimp, a professional reviler of great and good men.

Why, she shall be at your service in three minutes, as I'm a pimp.

As long as you've been a Pimp, you should fall for that stuff—Screw—get out of my sight.

Inmate Nellie says she turns her earnings over to her pimp, X 74.

The man whose biography you are writing is no better than a pimp.

The thief taker had the start of the pimp, and overtook him in a moment.