Pincers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pincers:

Mr. Hartgold took up a diamond with a pair of pincers, and exhibited it to the banker.

It looks as though someone had held the letter in a—a pair of pincers.

Others, they plucked off all the hair of their heads and beards with pincers.

As if I were being pounded with mallets and torn by pincers.

If the foreign body can be seen it should be grasped with a pincers and removed.

During this time they cling to the swimming legs of the parent by means of their pincers.

Ten days are allowed when the hair is taken out with a pair of pincers.

Each had her own wrenches and pincers to use for that purpose.

A wrench followed; a yell was the result, and the pincers slipped!

Well; do not open my eyes with pincers, nor compose for them a collyrium of spurge.