Pine [verb]

Definition of Pine:

long for

Synonyms of Pine:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pine:

Sentence/Example of Pine:

Do you remember that picture you drew with charcoal on a piece of pine board?

At least, I did not pine overmuch for the Valley I had left behind.

She did not pine or grieve; she only began slowly to wonder what she could do for Eben now.

They were thickly wooded, for the most part with juniper and pine.

The pine kissed the leaping flames and a fire was kindled in its own heart.

So he leaped up into a pine tree, picked pine-cones and devoured the seed.

Then he rose up, and, in a loud voice, cursed the pine and the valley of the pine.

She smoothed the paper carefully as she paused at the foot of the pine.

The air was fragrant with spruce and pine and faint, aromatic wintergreen.

And you will begin to pine again for your iron-loined spiritual Mother.