Pineapple [noun]

Definition of Pineapple:

the ball used in football

Synonyms of Pineapple:

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Sentence/Example of Pineapple:

Alston threw his book on the table, and Jeffrey set his pineapple beside it.

Drain the syrup from a tin of pineapple, boil it down to half.

There was a smell of pineapple, the odour of fruit and flowers.

I remember the butter was in the shape of a pineapple with leaves and all.

So the pineapple is really a moss; only it is a moss that flowers but 'imperfectly.'

What the blazes is a grenadine cocktail or—or a pineapple punch?

The silk from the pineapple is very light and of excellent quality.

Togo,” broke in Cleigh, “bring the avocats and the pineapple.

Natasha only desisted when she had been told that there would be pineapple ice.

He sat down on a mat and she gave him slices of pineapple to eat.