Pinging [verb]

Definition of Pinging:


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Sentence/Example of Pinging:

And did he hear a ping just at that instant, feel the ship vibrate for a second?

When he had been there about ten minutes Ping Wang joined him.

Soon he saw that Ping Wang, if left to himself, would be drowned.

Ping Wang, shall we have any difficulty in obtaining food to-morrow?'

Ping Wang hurried away, and returned in a minute or two with the draughts.

Ping Wang made no reply but gazed at Charlie in astonishment.

Charlie was slightly built, and Ping Wang had no idea that he was so strong.

The tea was very hot, and with a cry of pain Ping Wang ran at his tormentor.

He slept soundly, in spite of the bad air, until Ping Wang aroused him.

Charlie and Ping Wang shook hands with the cook and left him.