Pinhead [noun]

Definition of Pinhead:

stupid person

Synonyms of Pinhead:




Opposite/Antonyms of Pinhead:


Sentence/Example of Pinhead:

If Piddie hadn't been a pinhead, he'd had his name on the board of directors years ago.

They range in size from a pinhead to ten or twelve feet in diameter.

The egg is no bigger than a pinhead, yellow, or cream-coloured.

God, you're a pinhead—from the point of view of mere tactics.

Behind the screen, one of the multiple rows of pinhead tapes shifted slightly as the index was flicked into reading position.

The currents of the river and the ocean have made of it only a pinhead on modern maps.

The juxtaposition of pinhead black points gives rise to the shaven-beard appearance10 of the mucous membrane.

Its color was a “light pea-green, closely spotted with brown in small specks about the size of a pinhead.”

Pinhead video-cameras cost less than a good restaurant dinner these days, so they're showing up everywhere.

It may well be a word is engraved on the coin, in the same microscopic letters as these on the pinhead.