Pining [verb]

Definition of Pining:

long for

Synonyms of Pining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pining:

Sentence/Example of Pining:

This was no morbid sentimentalist; no pining, heart-broken woman.

Now let us enter the carriage, for I am just pining to hear what it is you have on hand.

I warrant that she is pining away for want of a crust of bread.'

None of us was pining to hold any sociables with the Malabistos.

"Evidently you have all been pining for me," says Molly, gayly.

But if he had been there and had overheard you own that you were pining for him, what a lucky chance it would have been!

But as for pining, I ask you whether any girl in her senses could pine for me.

And here was she pining in secret for him who pined for her?

I've been pining for a glimpse of The Kid's smile and your scowl.

He was pining for a cigarette, but had not liked to desert his daughter.