Pinioned [verb]

Definition of Pinioned:

attach, hold in place

Synonyms of Pinioned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pinioned:

Sentence/Example of Pinioned:

He felt the paper thrust into his hands, reached for her wrists, and pinioned them.

Unarmed and taken at a vantage, I was struck down and pinioned in a moment.

Responsive to that gesture, Gonzaga faced the pinioned captain truculently.

The same tentacle, assisted by a new one, pinioned his shoulders.

Then as it descended between his legs he found one of them pinioned.

The babui was a prisoner, pinioned to the ground by a fallen tree!

They were crushed and pinioned in that prison of steel, and mightily they tried to burst it.

But when he stood beneath the cross-arm to be pinioned, his legs played him traitor.

But my men dashed up, knocked his feet from under him and pinioned him to the ground.

The rope had looped him about the body and pinioned his arms at the same time.