Pinned [verb]

Definition of Pinned:

attach, hold in place

Synonyms of Pinned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pinned:

Sentence/Example of Pinned:

These I pinned, as a lawful prize, being in an enemy's country.

He had wrapped it hastily in a piece of paper, and pinned it to the leaf.

Her hands were quivering as she pinned back the hair which had slid down her neck.

This is cut from two small pieces of 3/16-inch stuff, glued and pinned in place.

Then back I came and pinned this out upon the lodging-house table.

I copied it out, and pinned it on one side of my mantel-piece.

He pinned me up against the side of the vessel, and held me there.

He wriggled and fought, but he was pinned and helpless, hands, feet and vocal organs.

I sought to pull my arm from his, but he dung to it and pinned it to his side.

Night soon drew her sable curtains, and pinned them with a star.