Pints [noun]

Definition of Pints:

sixteen ounces/.454 kilograms of weight

Synonyms of Pints:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pints:


Sentence/Example of Pints:

His own contained still about a pint, and this he poured into one of hers.

To two quarts of oysters add a pint of water, and let them set an hour.

When the soup is nearly done, stir in half a pint of Madeira.

Stir them for some time into half a pint of thick melted butter.

Have ready a pint of rice that has been well picked, washed, and soaked.

Take a pint of oysters, and save out a little of their liquid.

It will probably require about four wine-glassfuls or half a pint.

Mix all together, and moisten it with a quart of Madeira, and a pint of brandy.

Then wet the whole to a stiff paste with half a pint of rich milk.

Then add the other pint of cream, and stir the whole very hard.