Pioneered [verb]

Definition of Pioneered:

invent; lay the groundwork

Synonyms of Pioneered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pioneered:

Sentence/Example of Pioneered:

He pioneered the ancestors of almost every family in this vicinage to this place.

We were met by others who had pioneered the way before us and they looked after our group until we learned the ropes.

Soon, all—gendarmes and light horse—Huguenots and Catholics—rushed along the road, pioneered by the two brothers.

Learning from a trader of the game and rich pastures of Kentucky, he pioneered the way for the farmers to that region.

And now she was following along a track, pioneered by a clever and cunning leader.

A few of the older ones, the 'old-timers', have 'made good,' and hold positions in the society for which they pioneered.

He pioneered the standard exponential notation for cubes and higher powers of numbers.

It was John Rolfe who pioneered in the cultivation of the plant that was to be Virginia's economic salvation, tobacco.

He pioneered in making a direct crossing of the Atlantic to save time and to avoid the Spanish.

The expedition was completely successful and Nearchus pioneered his fleet to the mouth of the Euphrates.