Piously [adverb]

Definition of Piously:


Opposite/Antonyms of Piously:

Sentence/Example of Piously:

The first room, Madame Goujet's, was piously preserved in the state she had left it.

They were not "English to the back-bone," as their aunt had piously asserted.

His anger fell from him, and with bent head he piously crossed himself.

"Well, she seems to feel what she says," Mrs. Rooth piously risked.

Meekly craving their blessing, for so had they been piously taught.

It seemed to her that the candles had been piously lighted for some death watch.

They were not disposed to accept any gift which was not freely and piously given.

He entered at the head of a band of priests, piously counting his rosary.

Simon said piously; "and now, let us to bed, for the hour is growing late."

They piously gave to their excursion the name of the Sacred War.