Pipettes [noun]

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Put one end of the pipette into the milk sample and the other end into the mouth.

A pipette or slender-spouted vessel may be used to add the water.

To obtain an accurate reading, the pipette should be on a level with the eye.

It is by this pipe that the air is sucked into the pipette, when it is to be filled from its beak.

The third of these weighings gave the mean weight of a pipette.

In use, the pipette is filled with the liquor under examination, to a little above the zero point on the scale.

The oil is separated by means of a pipette, filtered, and bottled off.

After the pipette has been filled by sucking at the end of b, the stop-cock d is closed and the cap c placed on the capillary.

This is most conveniently carried out by means of the pipette shown in Fig. 133.

To the lower end of the pipette the tube e, with plug of cotton wool, can be fixed.