Pirated [adjective]

Definition of Pirated:

not sanctioned, permitted

Synonyms of Pirated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pirated:

Sentence/Example of Pirated:

They're pirated editions of Love in Babylon, that's what they are.

Some of these, in these years and later, were pirated, but he made no protest.

There has been a great deal of piracy going on and their best "hits" have been copied and pirated.

Another, I heard, was married on a work of mine in a pirated edition; it answered the purpose as well as a Hall Bible.

The third issue, or the first pirated issue, lacks the printer's inscription and is bound in cheap cloth.

One of these, with errors of the press, and without the intended alterations, was pirated by an unhappy man in 1875.

The country was flooded with English publications and American pirated editions of English works.

These were so widely copied and pirated that I put them into a little book which is very rare, thank heaven.

This may sound bloodthirsty; but remember, I had come with a grievance upon me—the grievance of the pirated English books.

This, as the legitimate edition, should be preferred to the pirated ones by all such as care for honesty in letters.