Pirates [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pirates:

She and her nurse had been stolen from the Ionian coast, by Greek pirates.

The pirates were bad enough, but they didn't have all the vices of the present day.

He was the Ulysses of pirates, the beloved not only of Mercury, but of Minerva.

Such is a brief and bald account of the most famous of these pirates.

In that time he ran to earth and dispersed a dozen nests of pirates.

The pirates had come aboard of them at night and no resistance had been offered.

He stood looking about him to see if there were other signs of the pirates' presence.

He was the one who was so busy with the pirates down Madagascar way.

Then the pirates marched into the town, and what followed may be conceived.

So the morning came, and it seemed as though the pirates had been baffled this time.