Pirogue [noun]

Definition of Pirogue:

light, paddled boat

Synonyms of Pirogue:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pirogue:


Sentence/Example of Pirogue:

I shall land in the pirogue with the doctor and the boatswain.

Then the reflection followed—if such were the case, I should have found the pirogue by the tree?

He would not understand the firing, and might fear to come with the pirogue!

There was no trace left where the pirogue was moored—no mark upon the tree.

The pirogue floated in an element that more resembled ink than water.

I had made this reconnoissance while my companion was engaged in fastening his pirogue to the tree.

A dozen held tremblingly to the pirogue's gunwale, lest they fall and drown.

The pirogue was filled with the weak, and in the end of it I was curled up with my drum.

He had but one pirogue, in which were his wife and children.

They made themselves as comfortable as possible on the bottom of the pirogue.