Pirouetted [verb]

Definition of Pirouetted:

revolve, turn; proceed smoothly

Synonyms of Pirouetted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pirouetted:

Sentence/Example of Pirouetted:

A Raven pirouetted on her toes in a most unparliamentary and unbird-like fashion.

She pirouetted up and down the path like a fairy, and he loved to watch her.

Nor did she, as she pirouetted there, hear her Nemesis outside in the hall.

She lifted her arms and, whistling softly, pirouetted about the room.

All but the fairies—they danced and pirouetted and would not be still.

How often have we sat, and pirouetted too, under its venerable shade.

She struck the deer hard, it pirouetted and became Prince Almas.

Far away the obelisks met, pirouetted, melted into one thick column.

To-night she pirouetted before the pier glass with much complacency.

She pirouetted about on her toes, and ran back to take her place with Mme. Garnier.