Pirouetting [adjective]

Definition of Pirouetting:


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Sentence/Example of Pirouetting:

"No more did I," said Elsie, trying in vain to get away from her pirouetting husband.

Saturnine faces were wreathed in smiles worthy of a pirouetting dancer.

“And set him pirouetting, Sire,” sardonically suggested James.

"Doesn't it look nice," she cried, pirouetting before the glass.

Irene stood still suddenly in the middle of her pirouetting.

"He is alive—go on," breathed Margaret to the pirouetting geni of her fairy-tale.

"You could give a dance here," cried Brenda, pirouetting over the polished floor.

Dust devils were pirouetting in the hazy distance towards the mountains forming a corridor leading to the ranch.

She turned, pirouetting lightly on her beaded moccasins, waving her arms and kissing her fingers.

And again the big motor roared and churned up the mud and again Paddy took to prancing and pirouetting like a two-year-old.