Pit [noun]

Definition of Pit:

hole, cavity

Synonyms of Pit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pit:

Sentence/Example of Pit:

He, Saunders, the despair of the girls for thirty years, had fallen into a pit of his own digging!

John was the first person to reach the door of the pit that afternoon.

Did he not release Joseph from the pit, and raise him to princely glory?

Many examples of pit dwellings have been found by industrious explorers.

The two front rows of the pit, as usual, were full of critics.

I was in the middle of the pit, and from the pit the clamour arose.

This, you know, like scarlet to the bull, is sufficient to enrage the Parisian pit.

I have seen such a situation earn three rounds from the pit.

In the old time the prisoners were put in so, like Joseph into the pit.

A dot on the desert expanded into a pit, a tower, and some small buildings.