Pitfall [noun]

Definition of Pitfall:

hazard, trap

Synonyms of Pitfall:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pitfall:

Sentence/Example of Pitfall:

He knew that somewhere a pitfall awaited him, yet hardly where.

She was far too subtle and wary to stumble into such a pitfall as that.

Linear Logic Language, the pitfall of all the old researchers.

“But you did not tell me where the pitfall was made,” said Mr De Vellum, the solicitor.

If I walk into a pitfall, it shall not be after having seen it made.

The well, for some purpose, had been concealed, as if it were a pitfall for the capturing of elephants.

Was it a pitfall into which the poor little lady had fallen?

I have floundered unawares into the pitfall, and now I must flounder out.

See if you can show in your sand-box how the pitfall was made.

“Then the sooner you can manage to dig a pitfall and catch a porker the better,” said Tom.