Pitfalls [noun]

Definition of Pitfalls:

hazard, trap

Synonyms of Pitfalls:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pitfalls:

Sentence/Example of Pitfalls:

Yet observe what pitfalls beset the path of the popular fictionist.

He had remained motionless, as if feeling himself surrounded by pitfalls.

They were used to its pitfalls, which increased with every spring flood.

British justice is sweeping away these pitfalls for the soldier and sailor.

He should have upheld her so that she did not stumble over these pitfalls of the earth.

He knew not where the passage led, and he knew not what pitfalls it might contain.

The historical school was a playground of traps and pitfalls.

The Indian felt the ground for tracks and pitfalls and sticks, that might crackle.

A stiff will keeps us from being persuaded to do wrong, from tumbling into pitfalls.

But now the path was full of pitfalls, hidden by the snow and the darkness.