Pithier [adjective]

Definition of Pithier:

brief, to the point

Synonyms of Pithier:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pithier:

Sentence/Example of Pithier:

The form of his judgment had to be pithy, striking, engraved within a ring.

Hamlet saw that pithy old Polonius was a preposterous and orotund ass.

I crystallized my ideas into pithy sentences which a child could have understood.

Immense was the applause that followed the short, pithy speech of the Bourgeois.

I particularly enjoyed the pithy judgment in about five words on Comte.

His own oratorical efforts were usually brief, pithy, and to the point.

He is not afraid of an idiomatic touch, nor of pithy, vigorous words.

There is a pithy tract bearing the title "The Oiled Feather."

It has a big, ragged, floccose ring, and the pithy stem is inclined to be hollow.

He spoke, too, in a way which was as independent and pithy as it was quaintly-expressive.