Pitied [verb]

Definition of Pitied:

feel sorry for; spare

Opposite/Antonyms of Pitied:

Sentence/Example of Pitied:

She pitied herself,—that lowest ebb of melancholy self-consciousness.

She is to be pitied—she cannot either like or dislike with temper!

The men I had to deal with were more to be pitied than blamed.

It's us that's left behind that's to be pitied, not them that goes.

I pitied him; I owed him hospitality; but it seemed intolerable that he should be there.

They did not harm her, for they saw that she was sick; they pitied her—some loved her.

"She is certainly to be pitied, but also to be blamed," said Mr. Percival.

The man who pitied me spoke, so far as I was concerned, the language of thieves.

I pitied the Germans for having embarked on such an adventure.

He looked at Harkless, and pitied him with an almost tearful compassion.