Pitilessly [adverb]

Definition of Pitilessly:

cruelly, without remorse

Opposite/Antonyms of Pitilessly:

Sentence/Example of Pitilessly:

She was being dressed for a ball, and the room was pitilessly light.

He 'd shoot you down as pitilessly, too, at one distance as at the other.

He had never heard anything so pitilessly strident in his life.

"And I have my two shots to fire yet," he added, pitilessly.

Knight smiled as pitilessly as before, and they went on in silence.

"You're a—beauty, that's what you are," he said, pitilessly.

And the Winter light searched him pitilessly to find that question somewhere in him.

Only her brain seemed on fire, so pitilessly, so horribly alive had it become.

Old and young, women and children, were pitilessly butchered.

He had pitilessly resolved not to repeat the folly of the previous month.