Pittances [noun]

Definition of Pittances:

small amount

Synonyms of Pittances:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pittances:

Sentence/Example of Pittances:

"You'll go on here to the end of your days, working for a pittance," he objected.

The thought of going back to a pittance a year sickened him.

What with Paliser Place, its upkeep and the rest of it, it must be a pittance.

One as rich as he is known to be will not object to a pittance like that.

A pittance of money is obtained, and then they search for a man.

No man but O'Connor would have worked as editor for the pittance you paid him.

I might have a pittance instead of a fortune, but I should not have to fear want.

What must be the fate of those whose dependence was upon such a pittance!

How could you do it with that pittance of an allowance of yours?

The slave's share was not a pittance, but much more like the lion's share.