Pitted [verb]

Definition of Pitted:

oppose, play off

Synonyms of Pitted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pitted:

Sentence/Example of Pitted:

They formed a ghastly sight when they were pitted in what proved to be the final clash.

"Better her face should be pitted with smallpox than bring her to the pit of hell," said Csar.

It has the pitted surface that is supposed by the faithful to be characteristic of meteorites.

Pitted against the junior team, as they were, it was most annoying.

It was all naked rock, ridged and pitted, and everywhere yellow-tinged.

As a result of this, these nations are pitted against each other.

It was no new thing for him to be pitted alone against a "solid South."

In 1832 the Whigs pitted their principles against his and lost.

On the contrary, I desire above all things to be pitted against these two!

Three others held the pitted, warped hulks of Meloan battleships.