Pitying [adjective]

Definition of Pitying:

feeling pity

Synonyms of Pitying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pitying:


Sentence/Example of Pitying:

I received in reply a shake of the head and a pitying smile.

The tradesmen with whom she had to deal came slowly to have a pitying respect for her.

His pitying eyes searched the lineaments of the poor wretch.

Let me believe that I may hold you to your noble, pitying words.

All the same; just now you were pitying your folk at home, and prisoners and that.

Pitying and sympathising with you, anyway, in your relations with your husband?

"There speaks your callow inexperience," said he, with a pitying smile.

She looked at Lydia with a faint, almost, it might seem, a pitying smile.

A pitying smile came to Friday's face as he comprehended what had happened.

The Captain's look of surprise yielded to one of pitying comprehension.