Pixie [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Pixie:

I'd rather be on Pixie at home; I could always make him go when I tickled his ears.

You'll be saddled with your pixie girl for the rest of the tour.

Pixie warmed to the theme with the zest of a skilled raconteur.

Pixie looked at her sister, just once, and then averted her eyes.

If Pixie is over twenty we have not been treating her fairly.

Pixie had done her best to help, and now sunshine and Stanor were waiting!

As she met their gaze Pixie drew a quick, gasping breath of surprise.

And now here was Pixie, with this preposterous, ridiculous tale!

It was Pixie herself who finally forced him to dispatch the news.

Pixie was indeed, as the family had it, “the soft-heartedest creature!”