Pixy [noun]

Definition of Pixy:

small being

Synonyms of Pixy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pixy:


Sentence/Example of Pixy:

You must never spy on a Pixy, for they would be sure to pay you out if you did.

It is he that does the oiling of Pixy and harnessing the bicycle.

If it had been a pixy it would have crawled under a toadstool.

To take your coat off and turn it inside out will break the pixy spell.

I even beheld his familiar spirit—in a fair shape doubtless—like a pixy!

The pixy gave a little scream and jumped up, flying to the old man, who quietly rolled up his scroll.

Deeply grateful for this information, I ventured to inquire, And did you ever see any of these pixy people yourself?

Cicely already danced like a pixy, and laughed merrily at her comrade's first awkward antics, until he flushed with embarrassment.

Just as this pixy reached the bridge, Farmer Boggins stepped out in front of him.

There can be little doubt that many of the Pixy stories, as well as those of ghosts, have their origin in practical jokes.