Placards [noun]

Definition of Placards:

sign, notice

Synonyms of Placards:

Opposite/Antonyms of Placards:


Sentence/Example of Placards:

When I was halfway there I caught sight of him staring at the placard.

So far as Alice was concerned Russell might have worn a placard, "Engaged."

Jed explained why the placard had been prepared and affixed to the door.

A placard slipped from the fingers of one of them and fell on to the floor.

This placard was posted up on the palace-gate, and copies all over the kingdom.

The placard had indicated the possibility of chicanery on the part of McGuire.

This is 'what you've got and what I've got' referred to in the placard.

I'm sure Freeman—Professor Ward—will know you, for he also saw the placard.

The author of the latter avows his authorship of the placard.

After dinner he took me to a place and showed me a placard which was a reward of $300 for his head.