Placates [verb]

Definition of Placates:

soothe, pacify

Synonyms of Placates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Placates:

Sentence/Example of Placates:

In her efforts to placate him she had touched upon his sorest spot.

The offer of a peerage to Conroy showed that there was good reason to placate him.

He began by what he called a course of conciliation—to placate the devil, as it were.

Well would the King, to save his soul, placate and cosset his wife.

They were compromised with Stone and they could not placate Bobby.

This only increased the woman's indignation and he roused himself to placate her.

“Or call it by some pretty name to placate it,” Euphrosyne suggested.

But the king attempted to placate her with soft and deceitful words.

Jackson attempted to placate the enraged and determined State.

If God was good, why, then, it was unnecessary to placate him by adoration or sacrifice.