Placed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Placed:

The captain rose as if to hinder him, but Bunsby placed his hand upon his arm.

The ancient priest who drew it must have placed it there for a definite purpose.

It was brought—but, by order of the huissier, only one knife was placed on the table.

His name had not been placed in nomination until the 35th polling of the delegates.

Something, however, may be effected by the means which they have placed in my hands.

In his reply he placed, point by point, the answers in the scales along with his own accusations.

A great Liberal majority was returned to Parliament, which was placed at 115.

He was placed upon a sofa in the dining-room from which he never moved.

It was too dark to see a signal if one had been placed for him in the usual manner.

Thus I was placed in the crucible for further refinement and regeneration.