Placenta [noun]

Definition of Placenta:

covering layer

Synonyms of Placenta:

Opposite/Antonyms of Placenta:


Sentence/Example of Placenta:

So the allantois of the reptile has become the placenta of the mammal.

Proper means should be taken to hasten the expulsion of the placenta.

The placenta (and also the child) was considered to be formed of menstrual blood.

It is in fact the placenta, and is also associated with the functions of the Great Mother.

The size and character of the placenta are important qualities.

The follicle, which splits on one side only, through the placenta.

The pod or legume, which splits into two valves, with placenta on one side.

In the other (Case 39,) the head burst its way through the placenta.

In these he distinctly mentions the placenta adhering to the os uteri.

Placenta consolidated into a disc, and with a maternal deciduous portion.