Plagiarist [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Plagiarist:

Yet, neither the one nor the other, as far as we know, was a plagiarist.

They are on a level with 'Punch's' proofs that Alexander Smith was a plagiarist.

The strawberry is no more a plagiarist than the smilax, nor the grape than the nettle.

To this I reply that I borrow facts from every accessible source, and am not a plagiarist.

He who borrows only from heterogeneous works is not a plagiarist.

It is as though I were a plagiarist of adventure—if that be a possible supposition.

The plagiarist in place of courage, will put force, constancy, or vigour.

Everyone who says anything at all similar is attacked as a plagiarist.

I nowhere give him the name of a plagiarist; I would not appear so impolite.

He knew the pangs of an author circumvented by a plagiarist.