Plagued [verb]

Definition of Plagued:

annoy, disturb

Synonyms of Plagued:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plagued:

Sentence/Example of Plagued:

Why can they not conform to the Church, and be plagued to them?

Joshua slept and again—as in the past—his rest was plagued with visions.

As for him, he was plagued to death; it was an abominable infliction!

I told him I was sorry if my boarders had plagued him and I'd try to see they didn't do so any more.

The problem that so long had plagued the Tsar was solved at last.

"Hope the plagued old ghost didn't get him," another ventured.

I am plagued out of my life with them, but must do the best I can.

In a few nights afterwards the house was plagued, and the servants were pinched all night.

They are not in trouble like other men, neither are they plagued like other men.

Every plagued one of those five Ouija boards was calling me by name!