Plagues [noun]

Definition of Plagues:

disease that is widespread

Synonyms of Plagues:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plagues:

Sentence/Example of Plagues:

How then are we to keep this Heart pure, to free it, in other words, from the plagues I have named?

These I must needs pity for the cruel malady which plagues them.

I correct them with all the plagues, till I force them to serve me properly.

Sometimes he plagues us so that we have to put him out of the room.

Plagues of rates have appeared at Pinsk, and in the British trenches.

These insects are one of the four plagues of South Central Africa.

If plagues do not kill, they will mar—yes, even against the three charms of Island!

Poor women,—how they are beset with plagues within and without!

That had been what God had been teaching them already, by the plagues of Egypt.

There were plagues in Egypt once, and there are plagues in Egypt still.