Plaguy [adjective]

Definition of Plaguy:


Synonyms of Plaguy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Plaguy:


Sentence/Example of Plaguy:

If he's so plaguy neighborly why don't he ask me to go, too?

"It's some plaguy boy," said Mrs. Mudge, her eyes blazing with anger.

"You're a plaguy sight too well dressed," returned Bickford.

At last the Pope says to his Riv'rence, "I dunna what gev me this plaguy hiccup," says he.

"This comes of bringing their plaguy brats with them," said Uncle and Bagshaw.

Moreover, how am I to know that this plaguy fellow is actually related to me?

It is your plaguy convictions that make men stubborn and disagreeable.

Because I've got to tell you, Donald, that this is a plaguy bad time to get laid off, son.

We tried to chase 'em out, but the plaguy things wouldn't go.

Well, you needn't walk so plaguy fast, wouldn't if I was you.