Plaid [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Plaid:

It was the plaid belonging to Stella Hardy, who had died in her teens.

She had on a plaid shawl of purple, green, and red checkers, crossed on her bosom.

In gorgeous tweeds and a shepherd's plaid cap he looked the part.

Out flashed the lantern from beneath his plaid and he held it up to the window.

She snipped her threads and drew the plaid skirt from under the needle.

He put it under his plaid, and prepared to give the signal whistle.

Nor less emphatic is his railing at the plaid and blaspheming at the claymore.

Then to my other side, my plaid closer about me, and to my dreaming anew.

My friend coughed on the edge of his plaid, and I could swear he was laughing at me.

He took off his plaid and wrapped her in it, holding his arm round her the while.