Plainsong [noun]

Definition of Plainsong:

sounds that are pleasant, harmonized

Synonyms of Plainsong:

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Sentence/Example of Plainsong:

Florid music, or all church music that is not Plainsong, or its Lutheran equivalent the chorale-melody.

Descant in music is the melodious accompaniment to a simple theme, the plainsong or ground.

There was a chapel in the house, of a High Anglican kind, where vestments and incense were used, and plainsong sung.

He appears familiar with the plainsong, and has based a symphony and portions of a quartet on Gregorian modes.

And Winchester, too, has all and more than all, the surprise of the plainsong; the better you know it the more you are impressed.

It is therefore of some interest to find that in 1548 the Master at Giggleswick had a knowledge of plainsong as well as grammar.