Plaits [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Plaits:

It wouldn't be very hard; I could plait you one myself if I only had some hemp.'

Then we can plait our ribbons at our leisure on Monday, in time for the festival on Tuesday.

They had found some long grass, which they set to work to plait.

"I shall," said Betty, and gave her morsel of a plait a convincing pull.

He'll be here before one could plait a girl's hair who's had her hair cropped!

See here, I will pin a plait over in front, and that will help it.

It was for all the world as if she had bought a plait and stuck it on.

In the old days she used to do it in one plait wound around with wampum.

They are often at the head of a plait, and it would be worth while to look into their history.

Youre supposed to have all the same coloured hair in one plait.